Maxcy College: A Place to Live, A World to Explore

International House at Maxcy College

The Carolina International House at Maxcy College is a tight-knit community that gives residents the opportunity to learn something new every day about the world we all share. Maxcy College is home to students from around the world, including Europe, China, Latin America, Australia, the Middle East, and, of course, the United States. The College is a great fit for students who desire to discover more about other cultures and languages, who want to live with international students (they will become your best friends!), try a variety of cuisines, and attend internationally-focused events. If you aren't already interested in foreign languages, you will be after living here! For international students, living in Maxcy offers the opportunity to experience the culture of the United States from Americans passionate about sharing their way of life. Our Living-Learning Community thus allows students to broaden their global perspective, whether they are international or American.

International House Mission:

The International House at Maxcy College is a Living-Learning Community of domestic and international students that promotes cross-cultural understanding within the College and across campus. The International House offers community-sponsored activities that engage students in international affairs, involve students in international dialog, encourage students' wellness and personal growth, and inspire students to explore new career possibilities. The International House also serves as one of the chief components of "Global Carolina," and as such comprises a vital hub for international activities across the USC campus.

International House Vision:

In its mission to develop global citizens for an increasingly interconnected world, the Carolina International House aspires to become a national destination for instruction in foreign-languages, world history, and contemporary global issues. The International House's integrated educational and social programming will challenge residents to overcome traditional limitations of nation, culture, and language. As such, the International House will nurture future global leaders from the campus, the region, and across the country.